New Products—The Non-Removal Construction Formwork

From the evening to the midnight 26 December 2018, the container loading is under way. The products of this container are not same as before--the non-removal construction formworks, are going to be shipped to Swiss. In this container, it has a dozen of widths, slotting and two kinds of cuts, more than 2000 pieces.

The non-removal construction formwork is a new product of our company, it is a new generation material of construction form-work, its installation is simple, energy saving and environmental protection, save more than 50% labor cost and decoration material cost.

The installation method of Mgo non-removal building template is similar to the common building template, but the operation is more convenient.

New Products---The Non-Removal Construction Formwork3

The joint, shiplap edge (L edge), better connection, easy installation, no concrete, leakage.

The fire-retardant of this board has reached A1 and non-combustible, its materials are environmental friendly: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, perlite, saw dust, rice husk. The cut out part can be backfilled directly and won’t decay, especially suitable for underground projects. No need removal reduce labor cost. And our Mgo building templates are made from inorganic material instead of wood, reduce the damage to the natural environment, protect forests.
The mgo building template’s surface can be directly putty, brush coating or wallpaper, etc. It can save much labor cost and material cost.

This mgo building complete does not need maintaince, high density.

So the mgo non-removal building template will be the main new technique of construction and it will make the progress of construction easier and more quickly.

New Products---The Non-Removal Construction Formwork4

Post time: May-13-2020