Eco friendly High Strength Fire rated sanded board

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Magnesia sanded board is high strength, fireproof , sound insulation and shock proof, waterproof and moisture-proof, insect proof, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. It can be painted on the surface directly , veneered and tiled directly. The surface has good colorability, high strength, bending resistance, toughness, can be saw, nail and glue easy . It is very convenient for decoratived.
Magnesia sanded board is a new style decorative material. It is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and some other materials through special production process. It with long service time. It can be used as wall , ceiling ,floor , to instead of various kinds of wood insulation board, wood panel, door board, etc.
MgO board can be used to instead of red brick, clay solid brick, hollow brick, steel sandwich panel, stone pound block, steel wire grid perlite, perlite porous board and other building materials. It is mainly used in wall & roof insulation system of the building .To instead of steel plate roof insulation, ground insulation, cold storage insulation, pavement foundation and other fields.

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