Ecological Fire Rated Roofing Sheets

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The third type of magnesium oxide roof products: Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets.
The Roofing Sheet could be produce different size according to customer's requirement.

  • Length: 1-5.8m
  • Width: 0.96mm, 0.98mm
  • Environmental Friendly: 100% Non-asbestos, Non-formaldehyde
  • Fire Resistant: Refractoriness temperature over 1200 degree
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.169w/m.k
  • Service Life: >30 years
  • Acid & Alkali Resistant: PH value between 2 and 12, the sheets will not be affected.
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    Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets1

    The third type of magnesium oxide roof products: Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets.

    The surface is Aluminium foil. Its performance of anti-corrosion, UV blocking and Acid & alkali resistance is the best. The Aluminium foil MgO roofing tiles could be used also more than 30 years.

    The high performance characteristics make the MGO roofing tiles suitable for being used in the roof application of high temperature, high corrosion industry, such as chemical plant, feeding farms, casting factory, work shop, warehouse, market shed, garage, roofing of residence, etc.

    The product also offers excellent fire protection and thermal insulation.

    FIRE PROOFING: The MgO Roofing tiles is made of various inorganic materials, after inspect by the national authorized organization, Its fire-retardant reached grade A1. Its refractoriness temperature over 1200 degree. This refractoriness temperature far more than the other roofing materials, such as cement sheets, iron sheets, PVC sheets, etc., So it is a kind of safe and good fire-proof roofing material.

    THERMAL INSULATION: MgO is a kind of natural insulation material, after inspect by the national authorized organization, the thermal conductivity factor of our roofing tiles is 0.169w/m.k,this factor far less than other roofing material, so our MgO roofing tiles is a good choice of energy-saving and cost-reducing roofing material.

    Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets2

    Galvanized processing factory
    Construction area: 5000sqm

    Materials used
    Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing tiles As the roofing and wall panel.
    Due to the High temperature, high corrosion in the Galvanized processing factory so the Aluminium Foil.
    MgO roofing is the best choice because its excellent performance of anti-corrosion and Acid & Alkali, resistant, heat resistant.

    Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets3
    Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets4
    Aluminium Foil MgO Roofing Sheets5

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