Fiber Cement Board & Calcium Silicate Board

Fiber Cement Board & Calcium Silicate Board

100% Non-asbestos fiber cement board

  Our "Iron Crown"   fiber cement board  is a kind of high-density multi-functional building materials. Its main components are cement, natural organic fiber, artificial fiber and other assistant materials. It owns excellent machining performance. The installation method is as easy as the wood.

Technical  data

Moisture Content<6%
Thermal Coefficient0.27W/(m.k)
Fire Rating Limited>4Hours
Non Combustiable PerformanceCombustibility A1
Bending Strength19Mpa
Frost ResistantNo delamination and crack after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing
Impact Strength6.2KJ/M²

Fiber cement board products characteristics and performance:                                             

1. Fire-proof:Incombustible A1, the boards not burning in firesite, won't produce any poisonous gas.

2. Damproof: In the open air, high humidity environment, the board still can keep stable performance.

3. Sound & heat insulation : low heat conductivity, good heat insulation.

4.  High strength: Not cracking, not broken, good impact resistant.

5. Safe, non-toxic, non-radioactive, 

6. Secondary processing with good performance: can be cutting, drilling, carving,        painting,stickup ceramic tile, wall paper, etc.

Range of Application:                                                                                                           

1. Attic panel for loft steel structure;

2. exterior wall cladding panels;

3. Interior wall partition board;

4. External & interior insulation composite panels;

5. Floor plates;

6. Noise barriers

7. Waterproof wall in the kitchen or wash room;

8 .Decoration board for Interiors & Exteriors wall;

9. Explosion-proof

10.Fireproof board roof sheathing.


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