Fast Construction Prefabricated House

Fast Construction Prefabricated House

MgO Prefab House Is A New Kind Eco-Friendly Industrialized Integrated Prefabricated Housing System Is The Safest, The Most Energy-Efficient & The Most Economical Prefabricated Building System In The World

1. The Safest Building System

The Highest Fireproofing Performance Building Material System 

The Highest Earthquake Resisting Building Structure System 

The Highest Mechanical Strength Building System 

Excellent Anti-Hurricane Performance 

2.The Greenest Building System 

The Most Eco-Friendly Building 

The Best Sound Insulation Building 

Moth-Proofing & Insect-Resistant 

Auto Adjusting Humidity Performance 

3. The Most Energy-Efficient Building System

The Best Heat Insulation Building Materials

Land-Saving, Increase The Usable Areas

Saving Construction Water 

Saving Building Materials, Reducing Construction Waste 

Saving Energy Consumption

Belong To Recycled Building System

4. The Most Economical & Practical Building System

Light Weight, Small Foundation, Small Steel Consumption, Relative Low Cost

Fast Construction, Short Construction Period, Low Labor Intensity

Excellent Anti-Corrosion Performance, Long Life

Good Durability & Weather Resistance 

Wide Application 

Low Comprehensive Cost & Higher Grade 


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